The fierce Vikings stormed onto Saxon soil hungry for spoils, conquest, and vengeance for the death of Ragnar Lothbrok.

The crew of the warship Seaworm are hunted by Ivar the Boneless, a pitiless warrior of incomparable fury and weapon skill.

The Viking Age grips Northern Europe. Seven years have passed since the ferocious sea battle with Ivar the Boneless.

Norway. A brutal place, home of warriors where Odin holds sway. King Harald Fairhair fights to become king of the north.

878 AD, Norway. The fight to secure Harald Fairhair’s throne is over, but one last battle sends a crew of Viking Warriors on a desperate, bloodsoaked quest..




First book of his I have read. It was superb and the characters are great. Love reading it ready for the next one.

Irma Rose Frazier


Sensational Debut Novel

If you like high-octane historical fiction set during the Viking Age, then I can’t recommend this enough. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

Andy Woods


fantastic series of viking stories

Loved how the characters and the story lines developed, fast paced and hard to put down. Really hoping there is another adventure for the man with the dogs name and his loyal friends.

Amazon Customer


5 stars An Exciting Read

Having read Cornwell’s Saxon saga what I liked about Gibbons’ story was entering this familiar ground through the fresh blood of Gibbon’s characters. It was a kind of homecoming.

Bebe P Johnson


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