King of War, Book 4 in the Viking Blood and Blade saga

874 AD, Norway. A brutal place, home of warriors where Odin holds sway. King Harald Fairhair fights to become king of the north.

After incurring the wrath of Ketil Flatnose, Jarl of the Orkney isles, Hundr and his crew become drawn into King Harald’s fight for supremacy over all Norway. Hundr must retrieve the Yngling sword, a blade forged for the gods themselves, and find favor with an old friend, Bjorn Ironside, as he fights a vicious and deadly enemy, Gorm the Berserker.

Hundr must navigate the war, survive brutal attacks, and make Harald the King of War in this fast paced adventure with striking characters and bloodthirsty action.

King of War continues the unmissable Viking historical fiction saga series which began with Peter Gibbons’ debut novel Viking Blood and Blade.