The Lost Viking

Book 8 in the Viking Blood and Blade saga

881 AD, Northumbria. Hundr, The Man with the Dogs Name, sails the England’s coastline raiding and challenging Viking champions to single combat. His wife and child died in a savage war with Rollo the Betrayer and Hundr seeks to soothe his grief in the fog of war. 

Hundr, a Northman with a dog’s name… ruthless Viking warlords and savage individual combat… epic battles, gladiatorial fights, twists and turns.

Hundr is lost in a violent sea storm and falls foul of fellow Vikings who force men to fight in the hjaldr-garth slave fighting pit. Einar the Brawler searches for his lost friend and must scour the Danelaw for news of a one-eyed warrior.

Hundr is faced with a battle to survive and escape the fighting pit, whilst Einar faces off against a brutal enemy. This fight will push Hundr and Einar to the limits of their warrior-skill and endurance.

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First book of his I have read. It was superb and the characters are great. Love reading it, ready for the next one.

Irma Rose Frazier



This was an amazing I hope the author writes more about hundr an the crew so we know what they are doing and where they end up at.