Revenge of the Betrayer

Book 7 in the Viking Blood and Blade saga

880 AD, Norway. Rollo the Betrayer has risen to become a powerful Duke in Normandy and sails with his warriors and his spite to exact revenge upon Viking warriors Hundr and Einar the Brawler.

Hundr, a Northman with a dog’s name… Viking warships flying the raven banner… epic battles, berserkers, twists and turns.

Hundr and Einar are faced with a brutal enemy and must fight to protect their home, their loved ones and their reputations. The war with Rollo takes them deep into Viking Norway, and into a war with the King of Frankia and his vast army.

Hundr must seek help from King Harald Fairhair and his old friend Haesten to overcome his mortal enemy. Can he survive brutal betrayal and vicious shield wall battles in this fast paced Viking adventure with striking characters and bloodthirsty action?

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First book of his I have read. It was superb and the characters are great. Love reading it, ready for the next one.

Irma Rose Frazier



This was an amazing I hope the author writes more about hundr an the crew so we know what they are doing and where they end up at.