Valkyrie Rising

Book 5 in the Viking Blood and Blade saga

878 AD, Norway. The fight to secure Harald Fairhair’s throne is over, but one last battle sends a crew of Viking Warriors on a desperate, bloodsoaked quest.

Hundr, a Northman with a dog’s name… a crew of battle hardened warriors… and a voyage that will determine the fate of Ragnarok itself.

The crew of the warship Seaworm sail the Whale Road across Viking Europe in search of a spear said to have been forged for Odin himself. Ragnhild, Hundr’s sword-sister and Valkyrie Priestess, must recover the mythical weapon if she is to be restored to her order. The Burned Man stands in their way, a vicious warlord bent on vengeance who will stop at nothing to kill Hundr and his old friend Einar the Brawler.

Hundr must join the war for King Alfred’s nascent Kingdom of England and venture home, to the great city of Novgorod. Can he survive brutal attacks and vicious shield wall battles in this fast paced adventure with striking characters and bloodthirsty action?

Valkyrie Rising continues the unmissable Viking historical fiction saga series which began with Award Winning Author Peter Gibbons’ debut novel Viking Blood and Blade.

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First book of his I have read. It was superb and the characters are great. Love reading it, ready for the next one.

Irma Rose Frazier



This was an amazing I hope the author writes more about hundr an the crew so we know what they are doing and where they end up at.