The Curse of Naram-Sin

Book 1 in the Time Travelling Warrior Series

530 BC. The Persian Emperor Cyrus the Great is at war with Queen Tomyris of the Massagetae on the Scythian steppe. On either side of that epic conflict, are immortal forces locked in a battle between good and evil which stretches back to the dawn of time.

Xantho, slave to a Persian Satrap… bereft at the death of his wife and ashamed of his status… caught in the eye of a war between gods and magic wielding warriors.

The mysterious warrior Naram-Sin and Siduri, a powerful mage, guide Xantho through a rampaging war that will take him from the wild Scythian steppe, through time to the campaigns of Alexander the Great and Ancient Greece. They must stop the ruthlessly cruel and powerful Gula’an, servant of the underworld, before humanity is plunged into an eternity of darkness and suffering.

Xantho must navigate a war between immortals, survive brutal attacks, and find his place in the magically powerful world of mages and warriors in this fast paced adventure with unforgettable characters.

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First book of his I have read. It was superb and the characters are great. Love reading it ready for the next one.

Irma Rose Frazier



This was an amazing I hope the author writes more about hundr an the crew so we know what they Are doing and where they end up at.